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How To Find Your Unique Blogging Voice

Whether you are a beginner blogger or have been blogging for some time, the key to your success lies within your ability to create a unique online presence. One way to do that is to find your blogging voice. Reading through blog posts, the one piece of advice you see over and over again is “Write how your speak”. It sounds easy doesn’t it? But because you are so connected to yourself, sometimes it is difficult to know how to do that.



How To Brand Free Stock Photos For Your Blog

Have you seen some new bloggers take off like a rocket while some bloggers have been at it for years and can’t seem to get any traction? It can be due to many factors like niche, timing, content etc., but the one thing that can set bloggers apart from their competition and attract oodles of readers/clients is a visually appealing blog and consistent brand experience across all social media platforms.


How To Get (And Keep) Email Subscribers

There is huge emphasis in the blogging community on gaining email subscribers and how important it is to do so. Honestly I get it if you sell a product or a service. Understandably, you want to have a ready-made audience to pitch your product to upon release. Not only do you already have a targeted market to sell to but you also have a built-in cheerleading section that can spread the word for you.


5 Questions You Need To Answer To Rock Your Blog

Are you stressed from seeing all the ads and promotions for courses all over your social media feeds from “6 figure bloggers”? Is it just another kick in the gut to you that says, “What’s wrong with you? You can’t even get pageviews!” Maybe you have even taken some of the courses with less than stellar results. Well, fear not. I am going to get you back on track, eliminate your fears and get you moving forward again without all the hype. It is as simple as answering 5 questions. I promise.